Scott Ritter über das Phänomen der Nazional-Sozialisten-Unterstützung in Ukraine und USA

❗️🇺🇸🇷🇺 Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter: “Nazi ideology is alive today both in Ukraine and in the US!” “Russia stands on the right side of history!”

At a meeting with students in Sevastopol, German war correspondent Alina Lipp asked Scott Ritter, to comment on the fact that Germany supports Nazis in Ukraine who terrorize and kill the Russian-speaking population.

In response, Ritter very emotionally stated that he hates Nazi Germany and cannot understand that German tanks are rolling against Russia again.

In his opinion America, Germany and Canada have forgotten their history, where Nazi ideology is still alive today. As an example, he told about a statue of Stepan Bandera standing not far from his hometown in the United States.

Therefore, Russia, according to him, stands on the right side of history in the current conflict.

Video from a meeting with Scott Ritter at the University of Sevastopol on May 22nd 2023.


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