Was ist, wenn alle Pfizer-Verträge rechtswidrig sind?



The Pfizer contracts I shared with you have few obligations, which took me time to grasp their importance.

First, here are the obligations from the Brazilian contract:

“Purchaser also expressly and irrevocably waives the application of any Law in any jurisdiction that may otherwise limit or cap its obligation to pay damages arising from or in connection with any Indemnified Claims… and bind Purchaser and the state of Brazil to the limitation of liability and liability waivers sets forth herein.“


The “Purchaser (it)…will continue to have adequate statutory or regulatory authority and adequate funding…(to) fulfill the indentation obligations and provide adequate protection (to Pfizer and) shall maintain such (laws) and funding… a condition precedent to supply… requires that Purchaser shall implement and maintain in effect such statutory or regulatory requirements…sufficient to meet it obligations in the contract…shall maintain such statutory and regulatory requirements… for as long as necessary. … the sufficient of such statutory or regulatory requirements …shall be in Suppliers’ sole discretion.”

These clauses raises up the following urgent questions:

1) Does a government, which is the executive branch in democracy, have the right to make an obligation to restrict the legislative branch (the parliament), as well as restrict the Judiciary branch of democracy (courts)?

2) Can a government make an obligation to foreign entities that they will have a right to oversight and vet the decisions of the legislative branch (the parliament), as well as decide whether or not the decisions of the Judiciary branch of democracy (courts) are valid or not?

3) Does these contracts represent a danger to democracy, especially as they were done in secrecy?

4) Does such contracts set up a precedent that empties the whole notion of democracy?

5) How can we know what other contracts did our governments sign or what contracts they plan to sign next which might empty our democracy even further?

I believe these contracts could and should be challenged as soon as possible, I believe these contracts represent a suspension of democracy, and IF I AM RIGHT, we might be able to get them declared as illegal.

Please pass it to everyone you know, I am really interested to hear legal opinions on the matter.

Thank you