Daily Mail: „They shouted Allah u akbar in Stuttgart“

German Officials say: „Partyscene“ or „Fridayscene“.

Looters chant ‚Allahu Akbar‘ during Stuttgart’s worst ever riots that turned the city into ‚a battlefield‘ – as police reveal those involved were ‚mainly young people with a migration background‘

  • Rioters attacked police with stones and bottles after a German teenager was arrested for a drugs offence 
  • 12 foreign nationals and three Germans of ‚migrant background‘ were arrested, police announced yesterday 
  • Angela Merkel today condemned the violence as ‚abhorrent‘ and said rioters had ‚turned against their city‘

By Tim Stickings For Mailonline

Published: 10:07 BST, 22 June 2020 | Updated: 12:44 BST, 22 June 2020

Looters shouted ‚Allahu Akbar‘ as they ransacked shops in Stuttgart on Saturday night and most of those arrested came from a ‚migrant background‘, it has emerged. 

Yobs attacked police with stones and bottles after a German teenager was arrested for a drugs offence in clashes which quickly escalated into the city’s worst-ever night of rioting.    

Of the 24 people arrested, 12 were foreign nationals while three of the other 12 were German nationals with a migrant background, police announced at a press conference on Sunday. 

Hans-Jürgen Kirstein, the head of a police union, told Bild that ‚young people with a migration background were at the front of the riots‘. 

German chancellor Angela Merkel today condemned the violence as ‚abhorrent‘ after even paramedics were attacked with bottles while trying to help an injured person. 

Police say there was no sign of a political motivation, blaming alcohol and the ‚party scene‘ for the outbreak of violence – although some have linked the riots to the anti-police protests in the United States.   

Footage verified by German media showed some of the rioters chanting ‚Allahu Akbar‘, meaning ‚God is great‘ in Arabic, as they ran down a street during the night-time violence. 

Muslim blogger Nasir Ahmad condemned the rioters for ‚abusing‘ the phrase, saying it is meant to be ’not a call to terror, but call to prayer and peace‘.

Source / Original: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8446441/Rioters-turned-Stuttgart-battlefield-chanted-Allahu-Akbar.html?ito=fbmessenger_share_article-top&fbclid=IwAR3b2hbwbP7fp1dr96h0LgEM1OHmbCx6VlrPp9V8RJ7o8F_FyFGds8FvKSA

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