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Pakistan-born Australian, politician, ex-Muslim and atheist:

„Don’t fuck it up Germany! Otherwise there is no free place left in the whole world. Not for you, not for the Muslims!“

Europe and the Western world, from the his point of view, is currently being conquered by an idea that feels superior, demands respect and declares itself untouchable: Islam. All religions are dangerous for him: „The ideas of the Enlightenment made Europe great because they imposed reason and humanism on the churches.

And no: Islam is not an Eastern idea against Christian-Western ideas. We know humanistic rational ideas from many advanced civilizations. They did not arise because of religion, but in spite of religion. The great thinkers of the European Enlightenment fought the churches for freedom and created the best humane society that has ever existed. Now the West is humiliating itself, putting its most important value for democracy up for debate: freedom of expression. „I do not believe in Allah.“ You can be hanged in Islamic countries for that sentence. And I am the only one among 220 million Pakistanis who says it openly. And now the leftists in Europe say that criticism of Islam is hate speech! An ex-Muslim cannot be a racist! No, he defends women’s rights and LGTB rights!“ He appeals to the Europeans: „Stand by the humanistic values that your ancestors fought hard for through the Enlightenment. Stand up for them every day at school, at work, in politics!“ „Germany is committing national suicide by allowing almost two million migrants from Muslim countries into the country!“ He points out that 2% of the population already decide on elections and warns: „Genuine Sharia is beyond the imagination of Westerners. And Europeans must be clear: A Muslim candidate gets all Muslim votes. Just like Sadiq Khan in London, who fortunately is not a fundamentalist. But there will be devout Muslims running and they will threaten democracy and freedom.“ Sultan warns: „The left has become the extreme right in the hands of the Islamists: „It threatens anyone who criticizes Islam and immigration.“ Europe, and Germany in particular, should set its priorities anew: „German politicians must commit to the wellbeing of the German people and their values. I don’t mean that you should turn your backs on people from oppressed and war-torn countries when they ask you for help, but don’t turn your back on your democracy and values. Only a limited number of refugees should be taken in, and you should only take in refugees who show sympathy and a certain commonality with German western values. If you mess this up, there is no free place in the world anymore. Not for you, not for the others, even not for Muslims!“ BACKGROUND: The INITIATIVE AT THE BASE* (* organized the first Ex-Muslim Conference in Germany on September 4, 2019, where only people who were all believing Muslims before spoke, and at this event they spoke straight. * The INITIATIVE AT THE BASE (INI-B) consists of full-time and voluntary workers who deal with refugees and migrants on a daily basis in their work. Teachers, educators, social workers, judicial staff, doctors, nurses, refugee workers, refugee volunteers and migrants themselves etc. report from the ground about their experiences and have drawn up a „work-in-progress“ catalogue of demands:…